Water Pipe Repairs

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Water Pipe Repairs

Specialists in external water pipe repairs within your property.

Wentworth Moling Services are Specialists in external water pipe repairs within your property.

Our expert teams operate from our central location in Surrey and cover London, Berkshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

We offer a 24 hour call out in case of emergency for all water leakage including main water pipe, plastic mains water, lead pipe replacement, and lead mains water.

utilising our technology we can locate and repair most leaks quickly and efficiently with minimal distruption.

Water Leak Detection



          – 24 Hour Emergency Leaks Service

          – Leak Detection

          – Latest Technology

          – Minimal Disruption


Water Leak Repairs

With just two small holes dug on your property we can burrow under whatever surface to locate and repair water leaks. If needs be we can also replace broken pipes with modern MDPE pipes to ensure your water flow.

Our teams are experts in their field and are able to find water leaks quickly and deal with them in a timely and efficient manner.

As a company we not only pride ourselves on our efficiency but also on our attention to detail and our teams are trained to deal with emergency water leak repairs but also to deal with routine water pipe repairs. We will complete the job with the minimum of disruption to yourself.

We realise that as well as potentially causing damage to your property water leaks can cost you money and can turn out very expensive if you have a water meter installed. This means that we will get to your property as soon as we can to start repairing the pipe and getting your water supply stabilised.

By using modern moling equipment we are able to get to damaged pipes with the minimum of disruption to yourself and your property. With just two small holes dug we can insert the machinery and all of the hard work takes place underground so there is no need to dig trenches through your property. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing concrete or block paving or even lawns which would get damaged using traditional trenches to dig down to the broken pipe.






Trenchless Pipe Laying

Freephone: 0800 678 5176